For nearly two decades, I’ve been writing random articles published in a variety of newspapers: starting as a teenager with The Record (New Jersey, USA), and including The Harvard Gazette, The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, and The Huffington Post, among others.

My most recent writing focuses on sexual assault — cultural attitudes toward the crime; representations in film and popular culture; and problems with the approach of legal, judicial, and other public systems towards rape.  While this was sparked by my own experience as a rape victim, I’m also interested in a much broader investigation of the crime and how it is handled by contemporary society.  I’ve been interviewed on the topic by BBC Radio, RTE,  London Live, The Irish Times, The Daily MailCosmopolitan, The Singapore Business Times, and The Sunday Business Post (Ireland), among others.

Some of my articles and blog posts are available online and can be read here:

Article for The Times on writing Dark Chapter – 29 June 2017

Article for The Pool on humanising my rapist for Dark Chapter – 31 May 2017

Article on my experience of rape and the journey towards writing Dark Chapter for YOU Magazine (Mail on Sunday) – 14 May 2017

Article on Hollywood’s Awards Season Obsession with Rape for Media Diversified – 25 February 2017

Article for The Conversation on the Stanford sexual assault (republished by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, The Independent, TIME, Raw Story, Scroll, et al, with more than 93,000 people around the world reading it)   – 9 June 2016

Blog post for Polis: Journalism and Society at the LSE – 11 March 2016

Blog post for the Mitchell Scholars: US-Ireland Alliance blog – 16 June 2015

Semi-regular articles for The Huffington Post (US and UK site) – from April 2014 to present

Article in The Belfast Telegraph (published anonymously) – 10 September 2009




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