During my seven years at Ugly Duckling Films / Left Turn Films in London, I had the opportunity to work as either Producer or Associate Producer on several feature and short films.  Along the way, I got to know all the steps of the filmmaking process, from script to shooting to screen — screenplay drafts, casting, production budgets, boring legal documents, begging actors to do press interviews, you name it.  Many of these films were international co-productions and involved collaborations with companies like Miramax, Gaumont, Nordisk Film, and the Irish Film Board.  These days, I still do freelance work as a script consultant and script editor.

Did I mention, I also got to attend the Oscars® in 2006, when our short Cashback was nominated?  (We didn’t win.  Boo.)

You may be familiar with some of our films… they’re worth checking out!  You can get most on DVD or iTunes®:


  • Flashbacks of a Fool (2008), a coming-of-age drama starring Daniel Craig
  • The Broken (2008), an artsy horror film starring Lena Headey
  • Cashback (2006), an indie romantic comedy and the expanded feature-length version of our short…
  • Cashback (2004), the original 20-minute version, about slackers working the overnight shift in a Sainsbury’s.  This was Oscar-nominated® and has gained sort of a cult following…
  • Vagabond Shoes (2005), a musical short starring Iain Glen, Oscar-shortlisted® in 2007
  • Oh Happy Day (2004), a Danish fish-out-of-water gospel comedy
  • Stealing Rembrandt (2003), a Danish drama-comedy, based on the real-life theft of a Rembrandt
  • Boxed (2002), an arthouse psychological thriller, set in Northern Ireland

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